Tuesday, December 13, 2011

pitter patter

My honey loves football.  Normally I do not, but uh how can I say this without sounding like a teenage groupie?  I think I'm in love with Tim Tebow.  He makes my heart pitter patter.  There I said it;)  Do you know him?  He's been the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos for the last few weeks and there is always controversy swirling around this guy. 

He's a devout, very vocal Christian...bold in his faith.  He inspires me.  He talks about the Lord in his press conferences and his faith is THE most important thing in his life.  You can tell.  Apparently he was raised by missionaries and was home schooled and well...let's just say they did a great job.  Whoever lands this guy as a husband is one lucky gal.  Wowza!  Even my honey is crushing on him so it's all good;)  Go Broncos!

Today was cookie day.  My friend Brandee invited me to be a part of her yearly tradition.  Apparently I can make a mean toffee pretzel peanut butter cookie;)

We were tucked into her log cabin deep in the woods. Christmas music was pouring out of her cd player and we were all singing along.  Yummy cookie scents were wafting in the was right out of Hans Christian Anderson storybook.  She lives waaaay out in the BOONIES.  Every time I saw her she would warn me "you'll see" when referring to her house.  And she was right.  It was a straight up log cabin in the middle of nowhere. 

She invited a few of her special friends and we baked all day long.  We each brought three cookie recipes and then at the end of the day we divied it all up.  I came home with a box full of cookies.  Great teacher/bus driver/neighbor gifts:)  Just not my trainer.  She chewed my butt when I mentioned cookie day.  Said I was poisoning my loved ones.  Geesh!  I know, but let's sugar coat it a bit shall we;)  It is Christmas after all.

This is Clementine.  She was our "helper" for the day.  She's such a sweetheart.  Seriously she is, but can I just say that I'm SO glad my girls are the ages they are!!  It's so nice to not have to corral them.  Remember those days when you did nothing but distract and do damage control??   That's one nice thing about getting older;)

Okay so these are the things that have made my heart pitter patter lately...Tim Tebow and too many pieces of peanut butter bark;)  Don't ya just love how I can tie those two things together??   HA!  Now for the give-away winners.  I seriously wish I could buy each and every one of you the Jesus Calling book.  It's really made devotions easy and meaningful for me, so even if you don't win just go buy a copy.  Okay??  Pinkie promise me:)   It's that good. 

Congrats to Miss Jess and Dandy!!

Have a blessed day.

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