Sunday, December 4, 2011

a new role

I'm not sure I've ever told you this story.  I've always been really afraid of speaking in public.  It's just one of those irrational fears I have.  Weeks before a speech I would get the butterflies, and as the day approached it became like a lead weight on my shoulders.  The day of the dreaded event I would have all the icky side effects that nerves bring.  When it was over I felt nothing but complete exhaustion and relief.  As I got older I was forced to do public speaking more often.  In college our teachers made us teach the classes.  The best way to learn is to teach right?  All that practice helped tremendously...thank God!

One of my most embarrassing moments however was a job interview I had at a balloon delivery service.  I have no idea why in the world I would have applied for a job at this place, but I did.  I walked in and my interview consisted of just singing "happy birthday".  I think I turned a million shades of pink.  I was horrified.  I managed to make it through, but needless to say I didn't get the job.

Fast forward to Friday night when my Big Chick auditioned for a local play.  She was pretty nervous.  Her thighs were shaking.  We sat through countless seasoned auditioners.  They had the hand movements, eye contact and stage presence.  They marched to their well trained "musical theatre" drum and with a loud confident voice gave their name and song.  At the end they bowed and thanked the panel of judges.  It was intimidating.  Thank God most of them were off tune or I might have just died on the spot with nerves.

As my girlie walked up on stage she sped through her name and introduction...nerves apparent.  BUT when she opened her mouth it was pure and clean and real!  I know that the others were trained to be over the top.  They are taught to smile BIG and enunciate and blah blah blah.  But all that training comes off so fake.  Honey and I just looked at each other with knowing glances and we were both thinking to ourselves...I don't know if I even want her to do this.  It's her dream and we have to stay out of it, but please don't become a carbon copy of anyone.  What makes you special is your individuality. 

She rocked that audition.  It may not have been perfect.  When she was done she covered her mouth and practically ran off the stage...forgetting to say thank you.  Whatever;)  But she gave me goosebumps and I don't really think it was just because she's my girl.  She has a gift and she decided that fear wasn't going to stop her from trying to use it.  I am so SO proud of her.  I just about jumped out of my skin with pride actually.  That's my girl!  She's teaching me now.  How did that happen??  ***Thank you all for being her little cheerleaders.  I loved knowing that you were all here lifting us up. 

EEEK!  Just saw that she made it:)))  She's going to be a villager and a warrior.  TOO cool!  Guess what?  That means I've got a new job too.  They require a parent to be involved.  So hopefully there are lots of fun new friends in our future.  YAY:)

Have a blessed day.


283.  new opportunities...wings being stretched;)
284.  a cotton candy colored sky
285.  sweatshirts in December
286.  my wintry front porch
287.  Christmas music that makes my heart swell
288.  the sweetest outdoor live nativity...a new family tradition

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