Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my soul sista

I find putting posts like these together completely overwhelming.  One of my best friends finally got to meet my family...finally got to see my house and my new town.  How can I just sum up hundreds of pictures and countless special moments in a few sentences and snapshots?? 

Well my Sasha girl...aka Lemonade Makin' Mama got her little bootie on a plane and flew ALL the way across the country to see ME!!!!  In the three years since we've known each other it's the first time she's been to my house.  Isn't that weird?  We met blogging and knew right away we were just soul sistas:)

So where's the first place you take your bestie when they come to see you?  A cemetery of course!  I know I'm weird right, but I'd heard about this famous Hollywood Cemetery and thought I'll save that for Sash.  I know she'll appreciate it.  No malls for us...ha!  Aren't you just dying to come see me;)??

We went to what we thought was the right place...turned out we were in the wrong cemetery.  That's okay her honey thousands of miles away redirected us.  It's all good.  We got there finally and when we did oh was it a treat.  Out of all the places I've seen so far in Richmond, that cemetery is by far the coolest!

What is it about standing graveside that puts everything instantly into perspective?  This fleeting gift of a life that we've been given suddenly comes into sharp focus.  The words that someone left behind, put on a stone to forever sum up who that person was and what they contributed.  It's solemn, but strangely comforting, especially those that had scripture engraved that assured me that the person loved the Lord.

I've been  praying really hard we would have good weather, and that the trees would still be in color...specifically that we would have no rain.  My prayers were heard.  Gorgeous glorious weather was ours.  It was like God was showing off just for me.  Yes I heard your prayers and lookie what I did...just for you:)  High 60's in November is a luxury I don't take for granted. 

We didn't just hit the cemetery.  We visited Maymont...

And Williamsburg. 

I was just here with my mom and dad, but this time with Sasha we took everything slower.  We walked down ALL the streets and stopped and soaked it in.  We took a million and one pictures. LOVE that I can do that with her:)  She was so sweet to try and teach me how to shoot in manual.  If I ever get it it will be because she explained it over and over again.  Goodness I can be dense.  Not sure if I'll ever understand it, but I'm trying.

And I completely cheated using her settings on almost all my pictures.  Oh shutter speed why do you have to be so confusing??! 

We laughed and cried.  We rolled around in the dirt to get good pics.  We shared our inner most thoughts, dreams and fears.  It's just the weekend we both needed.  She went to a lot of trouble to fly to see me.  It's not easy spanning this great country with connecting flights, jet lag and nose picking passengers to keep you grossed out for hours on end.   She had to be brave.  She had to ride in the car with me...ha!  Friendship is an investment like that, but it's so worth the effort.  Thank you sweet Sasha girl!  I love you like a sister.

Have a blessed day.

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