Friday, November 11, 2011

thank you martha stewart

I have a Martha Stewart Living subscription.  Most of the time I flip through the pages and just admire the projects and recipes.  I gain a little inspiration with decor etc, but I never actually take the time to make anything.  But with this last issue I became completely inspired to recreate one of her crafts.  I saw this needlepoint project and I knew my chicks would LOVE it!

So we jumped in the car one night when daddy was out of town and hit our brand new Hobby Lobby.  Oh how I love me a Hobby Lobby.  We sifted through countless threads.

The girls mapped out their "Strahle Family" plan.  Painstakingly picking out each and every color for our eyes, hair, clothes etc...

They were SO excited.  I don't know how many times they thanked me.  Most projects around our house are mine. This one is all their own. 

The day after Sasha left the girls were off from school, so we gathered up all our supplies and hit the Pocahontas State Park.  We'd never been there and the whole time we were driving I was praying please Lord give us a clearing where we can spread out a blanket.  Can you believe that's how many trees there are here?  I have to PRAY for a clearing!

Well we found one and the girls were off making people.  I swear that's their favorite thing to do.  We have a wii.  Making the people is their favorite part.  We have an army.  Send me a picture and they'll make you too;)

Hmmm wonder who this will be??

It was another glorious day.  Can't believe I wore sandals to the park in November.  The only thing you could hear was the occasional bird and leaves falling from the trees.  I tried really hard to turn my mind off, to just enjoy the surroundings and my chicks. 

After a bit they HAD to run, and I of course had to pee...but that's neither here nor there;)

I can't remember the last time I gave the girls my complete undivided attention.  How shameful is that?  They drank it in too.  I know they loved having me all to themselves.  It was good to take the day and just be.  Somehow in the midst of the move and life in general I feel like I've forgotten how to do that...just BE.

Is there anything better than be-ing a mom...than be-ing free to enjoy your surroundings and loved ones.  I don't think so.  Oh and what about be-ing sockless in November!  Ahhhhh...hope the sun is shining on you today:) 

Have a blessed weekend.

225.  the sound of leaves falling
226.  the sound of my girls laughing...outside;)
227.  the sun warming my shoulders in NOVEMBER
228.  smiles from ear to ear
229.  embracing who i am at this moment

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