Sunday, October 2, 2011


I just wrote an entire post and then deleted it.  First time I think I've ever done that.  Weird.  To be honest I don't have much to say.  I'm in a Benadryl fog.  Not sure if I have a nasty cold or it's just seasonal allergies, but the phlegm seems to be here to stay. 

We visited a new church today.  This is the sixth one since July.  There is always that excitement of maybe finding the one.

The one that meets all of our needs.  I know there isn't a perfect church, but we seem to have an ideal set up in our minds.  This week's church was pretty high up there.  It felt like a family.  People were gabbing in the foyer.  Smiles were abundant.  The pastor noticed us right away and ushered us to the welcome center.  It was warm and welcoming.  The worship was really good.  I'm hopeful.  This missing piece of our puzzle is major.  We have the desire to get plugged in.  I want to go somewhere and when I walk in the door people recognize me and hug my neck.  Where my kids can't wait to go off and be with their friends. 

For the past several years we haven't had that.  We were pretty content sitting in the back...sneaking in and out without being noticed.  We didn't make any effort to be involved, but something has changed in us...we are hungry for it now.  I want the same kind of experience I knew growing up.  I'm officially ready.  Weird how that happens. 

Have a blessed day.


136.  date night with my honey
137.  the promise of a new church family
138.  vaporizers, vicks and benadryl
139.  red streaked sky...sunsets that make me wanna cry
140.  pumpkins on my porch steps

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