Thursday, September 29, 2011

my funky photo wall

When we first moved in this room gave me some trouble.  I had zero inspiration.  I had the furniture and all the stuff, but something was just missing.  Then one day out of nowhere the idea came.

I finally had vision.  There were to be telephone poles in my funky red room...and pictures hanging on pretend wire and it was going to be painted with chalkboard paint and it was going to be COOL!

So I got busy painting.  Put some of our favorite words on there.

Used cool nails to drape the string across, and VOILA...

A really cool wall to display some of our favorite family photos and memories.  I  hung them with little tiny clothes pins, so they are easy to switch out.  It's a little different.  But I like different. 

I'd love to find a big round rug with a black and white pattern or something with turquoise in it.  Just waiting for the right rug and the right time.  Maybe I'll make one.  I use to paint floorcloths.  It's been forever, but that might just do the trick;)  Don't you just love it when inspiration strikes?  So tell me how do you display your photos??

Have a blessed day.

131.  early release for the chicks
132.  pumpkin bread from a friend;)
133.  peanut butter pie
134.  not crying in my class today.

135.  my baby giraffe;)

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