Monday, October 10, 2011


My heart is FULL!  Full and overflowing.  This weekend was cram packed with good things.  Plans.  It's been awhile since we've had plans and these were good ones;) I'll start with last night because it was just too stinkin' fun.  Do you guys "boo"?  In Minnesota every October someone always started a boo thing in our hood. 

 (neon effect in Picnik)

We dress in black...put on our hoods and ding dong ditch our neighbors.  We leave a fun goody bag on their porch and RUN like the wind.  It's so fun.  Then they spread the love and carry it out with two more neighbors until we all have a little boo sign in our front windows.  It's sharing the boo love I guess.

(My friend Cheryl...moved here a year ago from Atlanta.)

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a blogging event at a local restaurant this weekend.  A very thoughtful reader sent me a link to a sweet tea social and I couldn't sign up fast enough.  In fact I invited all the sweet bloggers who have reached out to me since I've moved here. 

(click here to see who was there)

It was just nice to have somewhere to be.  Does that sound crazy??  I had plans.  It was written on my calendar.  I got dressed in something other than workout clothes and I set out to meet new friends.  Friends who BLOG!  Gotta love that. 

Then right after that I hurried home and we had a b-day celebration for Little Chick.  It's not her birthday yet, but we like to spread it out for weeks on end;)  I knew that the birthday thing was going to be a little tricky this year because we left all her friends back in MN.  So we thought we'd have a party with the sweet neighbors across the street, a week early because my folks are coming soon:)))  She has just fallen in love with their little girl.  They are connected at the hip. 

It gave us a chance to bond with the neighbors and embarrass ourselves all at once.  I cannot believe how bad I stink at bowling.  Humiliating!  Anyway it was great fun.  Their girls had never been.  It's so fun being apart of a new experience.

Big Chick brought along a friend too.  So it worked out really nice. 

At some point over the weekend it occurred to me that I have people here finally.  I've worked really hard.  REALLY HARD!  But all of sudden I've got groups of friends.  I feel FULL.  I'm not friendless anymore.  I actually know people and they are getting to know me.  That feeling of belonging is starting to happen and it's the best feeling in the world:)

Speaking of which...see this lovely lady?  Her name is Charity and she is a waitress at Johnny Rockets.  I took the girls there about a month ago and we just hit it off.  For some reason I just immediately loved this gal.  So after bowling we went there for dinner and Charity was there.  She remembered me.  Took care of us all night.  Even remembered what we all ordered from before.  LOVE that!  She made me feel known.

Have you ever been there?  It's like a giant party.  They have 50's music playing and all the servers come out and dance several times a night.  Even the cooks get down.  It's so much fun.

THIS was by far the best part of the night.  Charity made Little Chick stand on a chair so they could sing to her.  She was so embarrassed!  I loved seeing her feel special.  I loved all eyes on that precious little girl. 

She's been talking about her birthday for months.  There is a whole lot more celebrating to come:)  I'm all over it...makin' those plans! 

Have a blessed day.

154.  having plans
155.  having friends
156.  making my little one blush
157.  waitresses who remember what you ordered
158.  music that makes you tap your foot and want to dance
159.  blessing your neighbors
161.  my jewelry order is being resent with extras thrown in for my trouble!!!!!

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