Wednesday, October 12, 2011

not so faux

Y'all know we just had the whole house painted recently.  Ummm and yes I did let a y'all out just then.  It's contagious...what can I say;)  It's really hard to pick out that many paint colors at once and get them all perfect.  It's impossible right??  So I shouldn't feel bad that one of them was so ugly that I couldn't keep my hands off it?   

I really wish you could actually tell what this color looked like.  It was an icy green/blue.  Imagine a 1955-1960's cafeteria green.  I think it was Benjamin Moore's Green Italian Ice or something to that extent.  It didn't do a thing for the room.  Crud!  And I paid to have it done...double crud!

Okay so this is the part where I get embarrassed.  I didn't just want to repaint the whole thing because I paid for it to be painted and that felt wasteful, so I thought I'd just go with it and make it something wonderful.  I went to Home Depot and bought a Martha Stewart faux finishing kit.  I thought, okay I can do this.  I'm hard can it be??  Let me tell was HARD!  Like really really HARD! 

I took some left over gray paint and hand brushed it on and then took a piece of steel wool and pulled it down over it to leave a "raw silk" look.  The middle of the wall looked really cool, almost like expensive wallpaper.  The top and bottom of the wall, where it met the trim and ceiling, looked awful.  So I thought I'd try to cover it up and fix it.  I was going for a cool love, peace, happiness, joy graffiti look.  The idea was great, but the actual look not so much.  And don't tell me it looked good I don't want to hear that nonsense;)

Honey and I poured over paint samples again not really agreeing on gun shy because of our mistake.  Finally we decided on Benjamin Moore's Atmospheric.   I loved the color, but he thought it was too similar to the ugly one.  I won!  And it turned out wonderful.  Thank heavens:)

I still have little touches to add to the framing the mirrors and a couple more Janet Hill prints. LOVE HER!!!  And remember the hand mirror collection I started??  I finally found a place for them, even though Honey thinks they look old ladylike.  Personally I think they found a home. 

Have you ever messed up a room??  Do tell:)

Have a blessed day.

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