Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Richmond rocks:)

Before school started we had one last hurrah and got together with my new adventure friend Maureen.  She had a whole fun day planned for us.  Did you know that Richmond has a level three rapid running right by the downtown?  Like in river rafting!  Who knew??

Maureen took us over to Belle Isle.  It's this little (54 acre) island that sits really close to downtown.  You have to walk over a suspension footbridge to get to it and there really isn't anything there now but trails and industrial ruins.  I guess during the civil war they kept prisoners on the island and then later it was used for some industrial purposes.  At one time there were 30,000 POWs there.  Kind of sad and creepy if you think about it's history.

Right by the downtown flows the James River and it really is quite amazing.  All those boulders just sitting out there are actually really really huge pieces of granite rock. 

People apparently just sunbathe out on the rocks.  It was kinda weird.  I'd never seen anything like it before.

Since it's within walking distance to downtown we saw a lot of runners on their lunch hour.  It was really bustling.

Then there was the paddle surfer.  What an adventure.  I can't even imagine trying to navigate through that maze of rocks standing up on a board.  CRAZY brave!

We hopped, skipped, and jumped across huge boulders to find our perfect picnic spot.  Now can I just say I've never had lunch sitting on an enormous boulder in a river before.  This new friend Maureen is good for me.  She's taking us out of our norm and I have to say I love it.

In various spots throughout the isle were sidewalk works of art.  It was really cool.  There is quite an art scene in Richmond.  I guess the VCU has the leading art school in the U.S. or something like that  Didn't even plan that in our move, but I feel like there is opportunity here.  I'm kind of out of the loop living out in the burbs, but it excites me knowing that the vibe is here and alive.

We found this cool graffiti heart on our walk.  Perfect backdrop for a pic:)


Found out some more info on my new friend.  Apparently she was on the Eco Challenge race.  Do you remember that?  It was a reality show produced by Mark Burnett before Survivor.  She has done so many adventurous things.  It's a smidgen intimidating. 

She asked me recently what we like to do for fun and I kind of changed the topic.  I mean seriously shopping, going to movies and eating out sounds a little lame compared to scuba diving in the South Seas of China.  I have to kind of laugh to myself.  I'm amazed by God's sense of humor.  How he paired the two of us up is kind of comical.

Despite our differences I'm just being me.  The only me I can be.  I'm embracing the new scenery.  I'm enjoying doing things other than shopping and going to movies.  Before we get together my main question is what shoes should I wear;)  I like having to think about that.  One of these days I will get it right and I won't slip and stumble around as we hop, skip and jump to who knows where.

Have a blessed day.

79.  exploring my new city
80.  picnic on a warm boulder
81.  coffee with a neighbor today
82.  my run outside
83.  clean floors and a new fangled mop
84.  making little chick's day when i volunteered at school.

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