Thursday, September 15, 2011

nature walk 101

It was a beautiful day here.  I met up with a friend for coffee and we headed to a nearby park for a little nature walk.   Nothing really makes me feel more alive than being outside with my camera.  Picking up on all the pretties that God puts along my path.

This new friend found me on the day I announced my move to Virginia. Tell me that wasn't a God thing;) We've met a few times... thrifted a bit, had lunch and today she took me to one of her favorite parks.

She's got two little ones.  Spending time with her makes me remember those days so vividly.  The work that is involved...oh my!  I paled in comparison to my friend in the patience department.  She's so soft spoken and kind.  She's a good momma.

I told my friend that lately I feel like I'm on a roller coaster.  One day I have the energy for 10 people.  I will clean my entire house, organize a Bunco group in my neighborhood, have someone over for coffee, go for a run etc...  The next day I stumble around and end up taking long naps to escape reality. 

I have struggled with depression in the past.  I know it's real.  I don't think I've got it now.  I'm just in this inbetween...rebuilding stage and quite honestly it's exhausting.  I remember the first couple of years in Minnesota.  There would be the occasional days of energy and then days of naps.  That's one reason I started this blog.  It helped me stay focused and gave me purpose. 

God speaks to me through nature.  A hawk always makes me feel His presence for some reason.  It's like our little unspoken symbol of provision and watchful eyes.   A log with it's years of growth so evident reminds me that each year leaves it's mark on us.  We are in a constant state of growing.

This happy little floating butterfly with part of it's wing missing really spoke to me.  I didn't notice it's wing until I edited the picture.  I never would have known it was gone.  It was flying perfectly...yet there obviously had been some sort of damage.  I'm a little bit like that butterfly.  I feel like a piece of me is missing.  I'm learning to navigate my way again and I know I'll be fluttering really soon.

My favorite part of the morning was when we were saying goodbye.  Brandee asked me if she could pray for me.  I immediately started crying because that's always been one of my heart's have a friend that will in person just grab your hands and lift you up to the Lord.  It blessed me so much!  He always knows just what you need...even if you don't.

Have a blessed day.

86.  hands to hold mine up in prayer.
87.  pumpkin lattes
88.  fuzzy fur trees
89.  a full Bunco roster!
90.  dark purple shiny nail polish 
91.  spray tan
92.  my camera...oh i love my camera:)

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