Sunday, September 18, 2011

foxy momma

I love foxes.  My friend Suzanne loves them too.  This year for my birthday she got me this awesome fox t-shirt and then for a goodbye gift she bought me the sweetest fox charm necklace.  Don't you just love a friend who knows what you love?  Who tunes right into the things that make you happy:)

Every time I wear it I think of her.  My sweet little fox is curled up into a ball.  With the charm necklace came a pamphlet with the characteristics of a fox.  I misplaced that pamphlet in the move and the buying info, but if you want it let me know. 

My love of foxes began back in Minnesota. Our house was right on the edge of country. We lived right off a golf course and there were some woods and water around the course. Perfect little backdrop for a fox family.

One day we were driving by this outbuilding and saw the prettiest fox.  He was rolling on his back in the grass just like a dog.  He stopped and stared at us.  Just as fascinated in us as we were in him.  He was there with his whole family.  There were actual fox cubs!  Geesh where is your camera when you need it!!!

Isn't he cool?  The next time we drove by I was ready.  Camera in hand:)  And every time after that we looked for our fox and his little family. 

I decided my new header should be a fox.  Since they hold a special place in my heart it seemed appropriate.  When we came for our house hunting trip I noticed right away that foxes have a strong presence here.  There are neighborhoods, streets and farms all with fox in the name.  Tell me that isn't a sign;) 

I surprised myself that I figured out how to paint a fox.  That's not really my speciality.  I erased and started over at least a dozen times.  I gotta say I LOVE the way it turned out.  I threw in a plantation home and whole bunch of trees to represent the great state of Virginia:) 

Is there an animal that you hold dear??

Have a blessed day.

**Oh and I've been sllooowly adding stuff to my Etsy store.  I promise to have a give-away when it's all listed.  Check out some of the new goodies here.

 93.  friends who know what you love.
 94.  God's critters
 95.  painting something and it turned out exactly as I saw it in my head:)
 96.  the crisp fall air moving in.
 97.  jean jackets
 98.  hoodies
 99.  boots
100. Panera Bread's iced pumpkin shortbread cookies
101. the hoot owl card from my Kristine
102. Heather at Life Made Lovely for helping me with my blog design!

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