Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Good morning girlies.  I am finally posting some house pictures...yay!!  This one's for Sasha (happy birthday sweet friend) who seriously bugs me everyday to put some up.  Sorry it's taken so long, but it's a process and I didn't want to show you the in-between parts:)


This room is one of the main reasons we bought our house.  It's upstairs and is meant to be a bonus room.  It was perfect to store all my crafty stuff.  When I walk in I seriously have to pinch myself that I have all this room to myself.  Spoiled rotten...that's what I am! 

Those big shelves on the left are from IKEA!  Love IKEA.  I did a little happy dance when I found them.  They have that cool industrial look without the hefty price tag:)

See the floor??  We had that put in on purpose.  I make a huge mess when I create.  Depending on what I'm working on there are little bits of leather and metal all over the place, and when I frame paintings I have sawdust.  Which makes a huge mess.  Vinyl was just a no brainer.  At first I thought it was really ugly, but now I don't even notice it.

I have four work stations.  One for blogging, painting, jewelry making and sewing.  This girl is in HEAVEN!  The tables are from IKEA too and notice the oilcloth coverings.  Remember this post?  Didn't that turn out great??  LOVE!!!  Oh and see if you can spy my new header that I'm working on.  I have a thing for foxes.  Bet you didn't know that did ya? 


I knew I wanted a chalkboard wall.  I'm a little obsessed with black walls.  I bought chalkboard markers, so there wouldn't be any chalk dust.  They work wonderful.  You can get them at JoAnn Fabric or online at Create for Less.  Buy the eraser too.  It works like a normal eraser and is a must have with the markers.



I had two IKEA chairs that used to be in our office back in Minnesota.  I just made some new pillows and put wheel casters on the bottom and now I can roll them around wherever I want seating.  Oh and the slipcovers washed up beautiful.  I'm toying with the idea of sewing a new skirt to go touch the floor, but I kind of like the exposed roller feet.  In this picture you can't really see the feet, but what do you think?

Twinkle lights make me happy.  I found these fun and funky lantern lights at Target.  I draped them all across the room.  I originally wanted white, but they only had two strands, so I just bought all different colors.  At night when I turn off the lights it's like a party:)  Honey actually sings that old song celebration.  That's what I want...a celebration:)

Yesterday I started creating again.  Don't have any excuses now.  My goal is to finally list some of the stuff I've had made.  Maybe 5 things a day...and I have all kinds of fun new ideas. Now it's just a matter of time management and execution.  I'm working to get my Etsy store restocked and I'm starting up with the house paintings again.  So keep checking in.  I've missed that part of my life.  Can't wait to get back in the groove.  Okay so there you have it.  My favorite room in the house...tada:)

Have a blessed day.


63.  organization
64.  colors that ooze happiness.
65.  twinkle lights
66.  the joy of creating
67.  puff ball trim
68.  a space to call my own.
69.  IKEA
70.  chalkboard markers

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