Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the first note


Have you ever had a little seed planted in your heart and it grew and grew and more or less overcame you??  This raw desire to try a new master something that gave you such extreme joy?  Well my daughter has had the OVERWHELMING desire to play the viola for as long as I can remember.


She's talked ALOT about it.  Dreamed about the day and I'm happy to report last weekend her dream finally became reality.  We decided that we would put the trumpet aside and let her pursue this new thing. 


I'm not sure how it happens...this seed sowing process.  I used to want to play the guitar.  I used to want to knit.  I used to want to be a master gardener.  I used to dream of living in Hawaii etc...  I've tried my hand at a lot of different things and not many have stuck. 


It's the ones that do take root and grow that interest me.  Were they meant to be?  Are those my gifts and talents and it just took a lot of exploring before I figured them out??  Not sure, but I love watching my girl get her hands on something she has dreamed about for so long.  It does a momma's heart good. 


I'm in that constant stage of looking at her in awe.  Wondering how in the world it's possible that she looks like a little mini me at age 11.  How she's only an 1 1/2" shorter than me and is constantly changing.  How those Barbies haven't been played with in weeks.  I know that doesn't sound unusual, but in this house it IS!  I know all the changes are good.  Necessary even, but deep down it makes me mourn.

We had the opportunity to hear the Richmond Symphony Orchestra play a few weeks ago.  It was really unbelievable.  From the first powerful note, the union of all the instruments playing together, I was transfixed.  Music is overwhelming.  It evokes emotion and drama.  It speaks to each person on a different level.  It has the ability to transport you to a different day, place and time.  With each rise and fall of the notes I could feel my heart swell.


I know it takes years to develop that master an instrument.  So it was with hopeful breath that I watched my Big Chick make her first squeaky sound.  Who knows it could be her thing or not;)  Either way my heart soars...

Have a blessed day.

103.  flowers from a friend.
104.  cows and clocks in the mail;)
105.  a friend's dream becoming reality.
106.  fluffing my nest with all things fall.
107.  crossing things off my to-do list.
108.  the smell of sandalwood.
109.  cuddle time with my family.
110.  finally being able to park my car in the garage:)
111.  flu shots

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