Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a trashy make-over

know I should be packing, but something about this move has inspired me.  I have projects going left and right.  Hopefully I'll get an extra dose of energy to get everything done in the knick of time.

Honey has held onto this trash can since he was a little boy.  It was headin' to the garbage pile...actually in my arms ready to be tossed when I remembered seeing this.  My friend Melody did the most amazing tutorial for a trash can redo.  She used a 5 gallon bucket, but I figured this cowboy can would do the trick nicely.

Better already!

Then you slap on some paint.  Doesn't have to be pretty.

Cut some pretty papers or fabric into a scallop design and then ModPodge the heck out of it.  I hated this part.  Decoupage glue and I don't mix.  It's like impossible to get rid of all the wrinkles and bubbles, but you know what?  It doesn't matter.  You can't mess up this project!

When it's all dry, write out some of your favorite sayings with a permanent marker and voila!  From trash to treasure literally.  I can see it in my studio now;)  Can you believe it used to say Dallas Cowboys??

Have a blessed day.

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