Sunday, June 19, 2011

la la land

(table, lamp, chair, hanging picture la land.  love pillow TJ Maxx)

Exactly one month from today we move into our new house.  YIPPEE!!!  Can I make a confession?  I lay in bed at night and dream of decorating.  I have the furniture placed, the walls painted and the paintings hung.  It's so much fun to try and picture it. 

Much to my honey's demise I have found the best occasional store EVAH!  It's called La La Land and it's in downtown Chaska right across the street from Dunn Brothers Coffee.  The owner has put together quite a collection and she would probably say I've become her most loyal customer.  Last month I think I single handedly paid her rent!

My style is evolving a little.  I find myself drawn to more simple feminine pieces.  I just know this cute little chair will fit in somewhere.

The room I dream about the most is my studio space.  We have a rec room upstairs with doors that will hide my mess and it's all mine.  I feel so incredibly spoiled.  It will be big enough to have a table for my jewelry making, a table for my painting and a desk for blogging...yeeeeee!!!!  I have it painted, organized and ready for creating in my mind.  It looks out onto our backyard full guessed it TREES;)

I'm a sucker for anything wire.  I've always wanted some vintage locker baskets.  I bought the most amazing industrial type shelf at IKEA recently and it is going to be chocked full of my supplies.  These baskets will make it look so cool.

I had a round vintage laundry basket in our dining room before, but when I saw this square one I knew it would be perfect to hold all our board games.  You just don't see square ones very often. 

This is what started it all.  I fell in love with this turquoise hutch/desk for Big Chick's room.  Remember her room is turquoise, pink and chocolate brown.  It's going to look awesome in there.

I think I've lost my mind...Honey thinks so too.  I know I should be purging and throwing stuff out.  Trust me we've done that too, but it's oh so fun to dream, plot and plan out a new space.  I can't wait to see how it all comes together.  ***BTW if anyone wants this couch it's free to a good local home.  Just email me.  See I'm purging;)

Hope you have a wonderful Father's Day:)

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