Wednesday, June 22, 2011

and so it begins...


The hard part of moving obviously are the goodbyes.  I am emotional to a fault.  Let's just say I live and love very deeply.  Goodbyes about do me in.  It's the part from the beginning of this process that made me not want to move forward. 

Today I had to say goodbye to these sweet women.  Women for the most part that I haven't known for very long.  I kind of shimmied my way into their neighborhood bible study, and they of course welcomed me with open arms.  It's been such a blessing to study the word with them.  There is a richness that comes from friendships when the Lord is the common thread.

I'm praying so hard that the Lord leads me to another bible study with women I can connect with.  It's like air to me.  I need it so desperately.  One because I'm lazy when it comes to studying the word on my own, and two because friends are vital to my well being.  I know He knows this.  I'm sure He's got it covered, but if you could pray that specifically for me I'd so appreciate it!

I'm feeling kinda down on my physical self lately. I've gained 10 pounds since last year. 10 POUNDS!! And I can tell.  My clothes are a little snug. My face and arms look pudgy.  I'm a stress eater, and there's been just a little bit of stress going on lately. Funny thing is my honey is losing weight. Well actually it's not funny it's annoying the he$@ out of me. He's looking lean and fit and I'm going all soft.  I know I shouldn't wait for another day to start cleaning it up, but I feel like I can't properly focus on myself when everything is in complete chaos around me. Hopefully once we get moved in and settled I can put it in high gear. Anyone with me??

This picture completely cracks me up.  Let's just say I don't do candid well.  I look like I'm saying DUH or DER!  That face is in reaction to the gift my bible study girls got me.  It was the sweetest necklace.  It's a glassed in mustard seed with the scripture Matthew 17:20 engraved on the back.  It says: If ye have faith as a grain of a mustard seed ...nothing shall be impossible unto you.  They also prayed over our family and the move.  Goodness I was snotty mess when that prayer was over.   So grateful for them and that new reminder that I'm wearing around my neck.  It only takes a tiny of speck of faith to believe that great things will happen.  Surely I have at least that much faith right?? 

Have a blessed day.

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