Friday, June 3, 2011

a day in Mayberry

It's funny how you can find yourself sitting in someone's house that you don't know...sippin' diet cola, eating lunch, talking a hundred miles an hour about mutual blogs that you read.  That's where I found myself yesterday. 

I drove somewhere I'd never been.  To a little quaint town in the middle of nowhere.  Picturesque farms, fields and barns zooming past my windows.  My final stop was a cute little "Mayberry" town where one of my readers invited me over for the day. 


Meet Amy and her brood.  She reads my blog and has a blog crush on me...ha!  Oh I love it;)  This sweet young thing with her adorable family.  I think I was the one crushing!  I'm working on her to start a blog of her own.  I have a feeling she'd have a lot to say.  Anyway she asked me to paint some art for her kiddos rooms, so I strolled through her beautiful old home...snapping pictures left and right.

Met her sweet friend Leah.  And basically felt time tick tick tickin' away.  Wasn't that me just a millisecond ago holding my sweet ones?  I had more or less forgotten the constant feeding, changing, burping cycle that goes on with young ones. 

It was surreal being the "mature" seasoned mom in the room.  When was the last play date I went to?  When was the last time I talked about baby clothes, diaper bags and homemade baby food??  It was really strange.  I kept telling them it goes so fast.  I'm sure they were wishing I wouldn't say that.  I remember those feelings too well.  I'd cling onto my girls...practically squeezing the air out them thinking it can't go as fast as everyone thinks.  They're brand new.  But it did.  My oldest is almost as tall as me.  They are having the body "talk" at school this week.  Things are changing.  Junior high is on the horizon, and seriously it freaks me out a bit.  What I wouldn't give for just an hour to hold them little like this again.

Oh and I don't know about you, but did your kids talk ALL THE TIME??  Mine did.  I'd forgotten how exhausting that is.  Good, but honestly draining.  Sometimes it's nice to remember where you've been.  It can actually make you appreciate the stage you are in and look forward to the future.   I miss my babies, but I also look forward to them grown.  Someday play dates and tea parties will turn into little mom and daughter get aways and shopping trips.  I hope.  That's something to look forward to.

Okay so there you have it.  Sweetness.  Breathe it in.  Get your baby fix.  We're going on a walk:)

After lunch we took a stroll in Amy's little town.  She lives within walking distance to the down town area.  I'd love that. 

Does it get any more Mayberry than this?  We walked in to this little diner/donut house and just ate the air.  I didn't get anything, but it could have been possible to gain weight by inhalation only.  Oh if we didn't have to worry about getting fat!  I swear I would have devoured at least three of those donuts.

It was a good day.  The sun was warm.  The conversation was wonderful.  The walk down memory lane...priceless.  Thanks Amy for sharing a little bit of your world with me.

Have a blessed day.

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