Wednesday, May 18, 2011

random kindness

It's finally happened.  Spring has sprung in Minnesota!!!  The trees have all broken forth with their leaves, and the blooms are making their appearance.  It's almost like they are showing off now.  See...look what we can do:) 

Up here in the cold tundra we don't take this stuff lightly.  There is snow on the ground for approximately 6 months out of the year, so when the day finally comes to be outside we are SOOOO on it:)  Kids I haven't seen, because they've been holed up all winter, emerge from their houses and it appears they've grown a foot.  It's surreal.

With the blossoms seem to come a happier population too.  I notice more smiles and eye contact.  It's just a better place to live when the thaw comes.  There really isn't a more beautiful place than Spring/Summer in Minnesota.  It's breathtaking. 

Okay so I was out and about today taking it all in.   One of my errands involved going to the post office, which I do just about every day because of Etsy.  Because of my frequent trips it has become my personal mission to make the mail lady like me.  She's a tough cookie.  I try friendly banter and casual conversation.  She rarely ever smiles or joins in much, but it's finally starting to work and I think I may have broken through.  I got a smile today.  Not sure if it was the beautiful weather or my sunny disposition that did it but she was friendly...and it made my day:) 

While I was in the post office an older gentleman needed a stamp and only had a $50 bill.  The mail lady said something to him like you're going to break a $50 for a stamp?  And without thinking about it I just bought him a stamp.  It was no big deal, it was only 42 cents.  Well you would think I just pushed him out of the way of a moving truck or something.  He grabbed me and gave me a big hug and just went on and on about how generous I was.

As he walked away it occurred to me how hungry people are for any act of random kindness.  That 42 cents meant a great deal to him, but yet monetarily it meant so little to me.  It kind of fueled me up a bit and made me want to go around blessing people.  It takes so little.  Maybe holding a door open, watering a neighbor's plants, or asking someone how their day is going etc...  Wouldn't it be fun to just try and find someone to bless every single day?  Nothing...not even a beautiful Spring day can make you feel warmer.

Oh and can I just say that you all blessed me so much with the birthday wishes.  My life is so much sweeter because you are in it:)  Thank you!!!!

Have a blessed day.

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