Sunday, May 22, 2011

a divine appointment

I just had the most glorious weekend.  I wish I could have taken each one of you with me to experience God's presence in such a big way.  Beth Moore came to Minneapolis!  To say that seeing her in person was a blessing is just a slight understatement.  I've been taking her bible studies for years now and the way God uses her in all her confessed brokenness...well it just moves me. 

We (Alicia from La Famille and my girlfriends from bible study) got there early and ran through the halls to grab our seats.  That felt a little weird to do, but it was necessary.  It filled in soooo fast and we just had to be up close and personal.

And up close and personal we were!  I knew I'd love her in person, but I mean I really loved her in person.  Why can't she be my next door neighbor??  I think every woman in the room felt that way.  She's just such a spit fire..with her cute little accent and her quirky funny ways.  She's so down to earth and the thing I love most is that she wants no recognition.  She directs all the praise to where it belongs...the Lord. 

She had a couple of girls from the audience come up on stage and she did their hair.  It was hilarious. Have to admit I was wishing I was getting my hair braided by Beth Moore.  I love how she weaves tangible real life stories to get her thoughts across.  It made a memory that's for sure. 

I've talked to you before about how hungry I am for God's presence and to feel His anointing in worship.  So to be standing in a room with 4,300 woman all worshiping in one accord...singing at the top of our lungs, hands raised...well it was just a beautiful thing.  I feel so full and overflowing right now.  I wish I could just bottle it up and sip from it throughout all my days.

During intermission they had scriptures flashing on the screen and I thought I'd just share some of God's promises with you. They are so powerful.

Her theme this weekend was about being UNtangled.  She was playing off the movie Tangled.  Remember that one...the cartoon about Rapunzel?  So smart to do that because it really put a mental picture in my mind of how wrapped up in warped thinking we can become. 

I'm sure each one of us took away something different, but for me the points that spoke to my heart were about having impure motives, holding a grudge and distractions.

Uh did God tell her my inner most thoughts....seriously it was like ouch God that's buried deep in there.  Stuff that's kind of hidden and yet you won't let me hide.  You know in order for me to run this race and finish for you I have to be set free.  That means I can't do things my way.  I can't have that little bit of sin hiding in my closet.  I have to have pure motives and get rid of the junk.

I have been holding on to some old hurts and some resentment with people.  And just when I think I've let it go and become free from the knots and entanglement something comes up and I'm back tied up worse than before.  I feel like I'm drowning and won't ever be set free from the crashing waves going over and over me pushing me down. 

How can I be used by you and VICTORIOUS in this life when I allow Satan and my flesh to keep pushing me down??  Are you holding a grudge?  Throw off those people you are carrying on your back and run the race.  Let them go!  MOVE ON!!!!!

Then she talked about distraction.  One of her points was if destruction fails to entangle us, distraction will do it's best.  She mentioned her phone and how she has a blog, twitter and two email accounts that all come into her phone.  And I'm sitting there thinking yes...YES!  That's ME!  I am a slave to my phone.  I am constantly checking it, refreshing my comments, responding to emails, reading blogs.  All these things are a part of life it seems now with the social connections we have in this day, but it is a HUGE distraction.

As much as I love being plugged in and connected to people it can keep me from doing other things that are vital to whom I am as a Child of God. It's pretty hard to listen to the Lord or meditate on His word when we are constantly distracted. It really is the perfect weapon for the enemy to use. It seems harmless enough. But we have SADD...spiritual attention deficit disorder.

I know for me personally when I am alone sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. For instance if I was at an airport or out to lunch by phone would be right by my side keeping me company. When was the last time I was alone with my thoughts and allowed the Lord to speak to me without any interruptions?? Needless to say this part of her message pierced my heart. I knew I was off balance, but having the Lord use her to bring it to my attention was the big red waving flag I needed. I don't want to be entangled. I want to be free to be used.  How and in whatever way He sees fit.  

Months ago I was invited to sell my stuff at the Na-da farm sale, and for some reason I just didn't have peace about going. It agonized me honestly. Such a great sale and some of my friends were going, but that reassurance never came and so I reluctantly said no. Now I know why.  God had another appointment for me. I was supposed to be in this place on this weekend to hear this message. Thank you LORD!  You are always faithful.

Have a blessed day.

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