Monday, May 16, 2011

birthday wish

I turned 38 today.  God personally showered me with the most glorious weather.  The birds were chirping.  The air was crisp, yet warm.  It was perfect.  I had breakfast with a precious friend and she blessed me with a few little somethin' somethin's that made me sob one second and then laugh out loud the next.   Don't you love it when people know you so well that they nail gifts.  That in itself is an art form.  Anyway it was a good day.  I feel so blessed.

With every birthday that comes I think of the obvious.  How my body and skin are time just keeps marching on.  My mom recently told me that I need to start using eye cream.  I smile with my eyes and definitely have the lines to show for it.  It didn't offend me.  She wasn't trying to criticize.  I know she's just telling me something I should be doing...taking care of myself.  Just like I would instruct my girlies to brush their teeth or put on deodorant.  The body needs maintenance and so it goes.

For Valentine's day this year Honey out did himself and gave me the best gift EVER...a spa gift certificate.  Today was the perfect day to cash it in.  As the sweet spa lady was buffing and polishing my skin...sloughing off the old dead cells and making me glow all fresh and renewed, it made me think about the Lord.  I love how He looks at our heart and the beauty that lies there.  I love that in His eyes we are not aging...that we are beautiful from the inside out. 

If anything this year I want my heart, my soul, my mind to be renewed.  That is where I feel like I'm worn and tired.  I want to radiate and sparkle from that inner place.  The place that won't ever wrinkle, sag or die.  I think the only way that happens is to find daily renewal not in lotions and potions, but in reading His word...drawing close in prayer, listening and obeying His commands.  That's what I really need.  That's what will make me really glow...some good old fashioned God time:)

Have a blessed day.

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