Sunday, April 10, 2011

soul surfer

It's not a secret I love all things Hawaii. I've always been mesmerized by surfing. Loved movies like Blue Crush and Point Break. I could watch surfers all day long. I would never want to surf...heaven's no! But I have such a respect for anyone who can.  It's a beautiful thing. I'd heard about this movie Soul Surfer a while ago, it was on my radar. And then on my last post a few of you suggested it. It was the perfect weekend to "visit" paradise with the girls and see what it was all about.

Based on a true story it was about the tragic shark attack to surfer Bethany Hamilton. Remember her? She was 13 at the time.  She lost her arm and then went on to surf again, eventually going pro. It was very inspirational.

She didn't bat an eye at getting back in the water. She could hardly wait to recover before jumping back on that surfboard and hitting those waves. I don't know about you, but I would have been MAJOR afraid of setting a toe in that water. But she wasn't...her only fear was that she might not be able. Isn't that interesting? It's because she was born to surf.  I seriously was sitting there in the dark thinking what was I born to do? I mean reeeaally born to do. Have you ever thought about that?

It starred Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, Carrie Underwood and Annasophia Robb (as Bethany).  Who doesn't love a feel good Dennis Quaid movie?  And Carrie (playing a youth pastor) did pretty good for her first acting role.  She definitely picked the right movie.

At the end they showed footage of Bethany.  I always love it when they do that. 

I guess you know it's a good movie when you do a fist pump up in the air (and afterwards kind of slink down in your chair from embarrassment).  Ha!  If the emotion moves you just go with it right?  So if you're looking for a clean family movie grab your kiddos, Kleenex and go surfin'.

Have a great day.

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