Saturday, April 9, 2011

OZ revelations

My Chicks are upstairs right now watching The Wizard of Oz.  I have to admit I really don't like that movie.  I mean I reeeaaally don't like it!  I remember as a kid every Easter it came on.  I would try to muster up the courage to watch the whole thing.  My stomach in knots the whole time.  Can't put my finger on what disturbed me the most...the flying monkeys, munchkin people, cackle of the witch's laugh or the tornado scene...which really scares the crap out of me.  I still have tornado nightmares!  As I type this I can actually hear her cackling laughter coming down the basement steps...eeekkkk;)

It's not the only childhood thing that gave me the heeby jeebies.  Alice and Wonderland and anything with Dr. Seuss (little chick loves him) had the same affect.  This is the first time they've seen it.  It's not that I wouldn't let them, I just never went out of my way to provide it for them.  But when Big Chick begged to see it (for frame of reference she said) I had to put my own feelings aside and let her make up her own mind. 

I guess that's part of parenting too.  Letting your kids do some things that you don't necessarily like and having them make up their own minds.  They may want to ride that ride that makes you sick or eat a food you think is disgusting, OR heaven forbid have a friend or boyfriend that you don't understand.  Somewhere along the line the realization hits that it's their life and they are their own person and it's like oh yeah...I'm NOT you.  You are free to make some of your own decisions.  We can pray for wisdom and kind of talk them through the maze and then it's all them.   At least for now it's just the Wizard of Oz.  Pray for me when the boyfriend thing happens!!

Have a blessed day.

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