Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thrive Project: Last assignment...Spring postcards:)

This is our last Thrive Post!  Boooo hiss.  While I was stranded in Seattle I missed my last camera class.  Such a bummer.  I'm one that needs closure.  I need to say goodbye.  I need that last day.  Anyhoo Suzanne told me our assignment for the week I missed was to make Spring postcards.  I totally LOVE this assignment.  A lot of us are up to our ears in snow right now with no sign of spring, so you are going to have to use your imagination okay:) 

Lissa brought me to the most gorgeous nursery called Christianson's.  It was the perfect place to play with my camera and gave me the fever for the season to come.  The reason I have dreamer pointing at me is because I actually thought I could get that beautiful wreath home with me.  I didn't buy it, but I bought a LOT of other big items to help me display stuff at my upcoming show.  I just knew somehow it would fit...cause I'm a dreamer:) 

THANKFULLY sweet Sasha gave me an old carry on that they had and Lissa folded all my clothes perfectly and packed my suitcase for me.  Do I have amazing friends or what?!  I've mentioned before I'm not a detail person.  Well let me just tell ya that Lissa IS!  She folded everything that I had in my ginormous suitcase into a tiny little carry on.  It was really a sight to behold.

Now to make your pictures into postcards you will need to edit them.  I use Picnik.  It's super easy and free if you don't upgrade your package.  Play with lighting, color...add some fun text.  It is beyond addictive and the results are amazing:)  Have fun with it.

If this sounds too overwhelmingly hard or techy for worries.  Just share your favorite springy picture.  I really don't care. 

Okay so these are my examples.  Let me see what you've got:)  To enter the photo contest just grab my button and link up your favorite postcard picture. I will pick two winners this week and next week I will announce the two grand prize winners that receive one of my leather cuffs.

Farmgirl Paints



Congrats girls!  Can't wait to see what you all come up with this week.  Make it good.  It's our last assignment.  Next week I'll announce the cuff winners:)

Have a blessed day.

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