Thursday, March 3, 2011


YES that's a feather in my hair:)
As I hit the new post button I just happened to notice this is my 500th post.  It seems fitting that this milestone would co-align with this big moment in my life.  I started this blog scared to hit that publish button for the first time, and here I am ready to embark on another "out there" adventure.  Can't believe I actually went through with this.  I am doing a show.  As you read this I am probably sitting there behind a table full of blood, sweat and tears.  Ready to show the world my stuff. 

Here's what I've been working on:)  My table is soooo different than all the other vendors.  In a sea of beige, cream and white, here I am all whimsical, colorful, childlike...ME!  Have to admit it's a little intimidating.  The IN look is rust and industrial and I am about as opposite from that as you can get.

Kristine has spent so many hours helping me.  She made my little Farmgirl Paints banner, helped me craft on different days, pulled together & merchandised my area...spent countless hours listening to me stress.  I could NOT have done this huge project without her!

This Flea Market Under Glass event really is a huge honor to be a part of.  I can tell ya I'm in some amazing company.  Each booth is just a treasure chest.

I love just walking around and getting ideas.  People are so amazingly talented. 

Okay so it's time to get going.  Wish me luck...send me prayers.  I'll let you know how it goes:)  Oh and if you live close you better come see me!!!

Have a blessed day.

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