Friday, February 25, 2011

almost taken

Remember that movie Taken with Liam Neeson??  His daughter goes to Paris and befriends a stranger at the airport.  He ends up arranging for her and her best friend to be taken into a human trafficking thing.  Well that's how our day almost went down.  Aren't you just dying to know what happened??

Well it all started with my only ride a ferry.  I've always wanted to and last year it just didn't work out, so sweet Lissa made it happen.  We drove downtown and hitched a ride to Bainbridge Island.

It was probably kind of boring for her.  Isn't it funny how hometown stuff just doesn't excite.  I was loving it though.  Only problem is we had a creepy stalker guy.  It started while we were taking pictures out on the deck.  He casually flirted and said that we were really beautiful and he'd love to have a copy of that picture.  We laughed and walked away. 

We went all the way to other side of the ferry.  Next thing you know there he is.  Then we go inside and find a place to sit and low and behold he sits down with us.  Starts asking us what we're going to do in Bainbridge...where are we from??  Did I mention he's got a slight accent?  He mentions that we're beautiful again and then Lissa and I both get up and practically hightail it to her car locking ourselves in!  None of this would be that exciting or scary except she had just mentioned that Seattle is rated #3 for human trafficking.  You're probably thinking who would want a pair of almost 40 year old mom's, but ya just never know.  We were spooked.

This was the view from the ferry.  Almost worth the crazy guy.

Once we got to the island we stayed pretty much in the little downtown area.  We did some shopping.

Visited a little bakery.  It was nice.  I even talked Lissa into letting me look in some consignment shops for belts to make my cuffs.  Not her favorite thing, but she indulged me:)

Okay so here's where it gets really creepy.  We just get off the ferry and decide to go down to Pikes Place Market.  I thought great photo op, but I'm not even kidding another weird guy approaches us.  He offers to take our picture.  Tells us over and over again how beautiful we are.  Oh and did I mention he had an accent??  I had a check in my spirit right away, but I handed him my camera anyway.  Not smart.  We're supposed to pay attention when God speaks to us right??  As soon as I gave it to him he put the strap around his neck and I thought OH NO he's gonna run off with my camera.  I just know it.  AND I WILL have to chase him down and kick his *$#!! 

Lissa had the same check.  Do we look freaked out in that picture?  Because we were both praying for God to protect us and pleading the blood of Jesus over us while he was taking it.  Once I got my camera back we booked it, never looking back.  He was asking us to come back.  He wanted to ask us something.  He was talking to dust, we were soooo outta there.  Twice in one day!  She says that has never happened to her before. 

How's that for some color?:)  These were of the market.  You have to love all the freshness around. 

Since I'm talking about things being taken I have to mention one last thing.  A different day we went to Green Lake, which has a beautiful running trail.  There are lots of was during the day.  When we got back to Lissa's car her rear passenger window had been broken and the girls ds's and ipod had been stolen from the back seat.  I immediately thought of my wallet that Lissa made me put under the front seat.  Panic gripped my heart.  I just knew it was going to be gone and I'd never make it home.  I put my hand way under and at first didn't feel anything.  Then I found it!  THANK GOD almighty they didn't check under the seat.  God had his hands full keeping us safe this week.  These were obvious moments.  I wonder on a normal every day  how often things go on around us and we aren't even aware of his covering. 

Have a blessed day.

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