Wednesday, February 23, 2011

finally home

Good morning friends!  I am officially HOME:)  My plane got in late last night and I have to admit it's a little surreal to be sitting back in my familiar surroundings.  There's nothing like getting away that makes you appreciate your home more.  And by home I really mean my people.  Wherever they are IS home!  My girls RAN across baggage claim and about knocked me over.  There were lots of tears.  Everyone who saw us probably thought I was a released hostage from Korea or something.  It was quite the spectacle, but pretty fabulous:)  Nothing quite like being missed.

I went to Seattle to find color and friendship and that's exactly what I got.  There were so many fun days with Lissa and Sasha.  I took a TON of pictures and I have to admit ALL of them were amazing.  Can I just say I love my camera!!!  So since I'm back to a winter wonderland I promise to share most of them with you.  Hope you don't get bored:)  It will give us a little taste of what's to come.

Spending a week with someone really gives you a taste of their life.  I feel like I know Lissa like a sister.  I got to meet her ENTIRE family, go to her in her space.  It was unexpected and very special. 

I got to know her honey and her kids better.

And this furry little creature...who I think didn't really want me to go EVER;) 

I think God was trying to work some things out of me while I was gone. My phone completely stopped working, my flight got canceled twice...things just weren't in my control. That's an icky feeling. I really struggled with worry and anxiety. I have this big "first time" show just around the corner and panic started setting in that it wasn't going to be exactly how I wanted it. My honey told me to "chill out man" and talked me off the ledge. He said it's a learning experience and you can't fail. For some reason those words erased my worry. And then I found in Proverbs 16 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. And for some reason that was like a shot to the heart. Maybe I'm not giving this to God. I'm trying to be in control! So Lord help me to give it to you 100%. I need your help. I can't do this by myself. This show is now yours. I ask you to help me get done what needs to get done and whatever the outcome is I just trust YOU!

That's where I'm at.  Sorry I missed the Thrive post this week.  It will resume again on Tuesday. 

Have a blessed day.

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