Thursday, February 3, 2011


We've been on the hunt for a comfy couch for our basement for a while now.  It seems that everything we find is either very ugly, very expensive or both.  I just happened upon a great buy at Costco the other day.  It wasn't my favorite color, but it was really comfortable, just the right size and the price was perfect. 

Can I just say going to Costco on a Saturday is a nightmare?  What is wrong with people?  Everyone was so rude.  We had to load ginormous boxes onto two flatbed cart things and then get in line and people were grumbling and complaining and practically pushing us out of the way.  It was craziness.  Anyway after we finally paid for our purchase we had to rent a Home Depot truck and slowly got our new baby home;)  It was a fun filled day let me tell ya.

The extreme dark brown of the couch really wasn't my thing.  But I knew I could fix it up with some cute colorful pillows.  Inspiration came the day I went to IKEA.  They have a really cool book in the fabric section that was just loaded with fun ideas.

Yep that's bohemian me...sitting in my camper with my flip flops and flowery shirt on.  Oh one can dream.  I have a dream. Haven't shared it yet, but it's very similar to this. 

Okay so this weekend I got busy with some fun prints I found and sewed to my little heart's content.   It's supposed to be colorful and playful.  It's a no stuffy serious pillows here just lots of "love" and print:)

The basement is need of a redo.  We recently moved everything around and now all the pictures and shelves are in the wrong spot...the walls are in desperate need of painting.  It's going to be a big project.

Speaking of which I have found myself in project overload.  Winter has kicked my butt this year.  I hate to say that out loud because of all my gusto earlier on, but I've been hatin' on everything.  I find that I fill my days to the brim with self imposed projects and classes and creating and and and... I seriously can't tell which side is up.  I know it's my way of keeping busy and distracting myself, but I'm wondering if that's always a good thing??  For instance I went to the gym today...drove all the way there and realized I didn't bring my workout shoes!  WHAT?  I had to drive all the way back home, get them and go back.  Oh I was mad at myself!  When you start know maybe you're spread too thin.

Honey got me an awesome devotional for Christmas and in it the author talks about cocooning.  It sounds so heavenly that I've been playing with the idea.  It's scary to think of taking a breather...stepping back.  Will everything fall apart if I do "nothing"??  Can I do nothing??  What is that?  Is it in me to say no?  But I think every now and then God wants us to revisit that quiet place and discover some listen to what He may be yelling at us and we are too busy to hear.  I know I'm so guilty of this.  So I'm chewing on the idea.  Don't be surprised if one of these days I decide to cocoon:)

Have a blessed day.

*Oh and girlies head over to my sweet friend Shannan's today.  She's hosting a give-away with one of my cuffs.  These are the newest additions to my shop:) 

****If you submitted the cow photo in my Thrive Project post please email me.  I can't contact you.****

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