Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thrive Project: Lines & Contrast

I left my camera class this week frustrated.  I couldn't figure out what buttons did what.  My instructor taught us something new and I never could find it on my fancy camera, and in all truth I just wanted to toss the thing!  Really does it need to be so complicated?  Suzanne teased me a bit.  She could just tell I was about to cuss...HA! 

After the little tantrum was over I started focusing a little more and decided that this week's homework could actually be fun if I just lightened up and looked for opportunities.  And guess what??  I found some and they turned out pretty good.  This week's homework was about lines and contrast.  He used the example of a curvy road leading your eye, telephone poles lined up... a fence post.  They are interesting to look at because they take your eye somewhere.  Also pictures that have a contrast of some sort whether it be color, texture, age, irony etc...  It makes you stop and look a little closer.  Here are a few of my personal examples.

This is so pretty to me.  I got brave and whipped out my camera at IKEA.  This is a close-up of glass candlesticks.  This is a good example of contrast because of the color, and lines because of the shape of the glass and how the repetition leads your eye right down to the last row of yellow.

The fence is the line and the contrast is with light and dark of the snow and trees.

See how the tracks take your eye way into the distance.

Repetition just naturally provides visual interest. 

Not sure if this counts...but it's a Ken in a sea of Barbie;)  That's contrast right??  And the shot is more interesting because they are looking forward and he is looking back. 

Then my close up of those IKEA lamp shades in the cafeteria.  The shape of the plastic is such a pretty line.  Very soothing and then the contrast of the white shade and the dark background provide interest.

These are all gorgeous online examples of lines.

Awesome example of contrast.  The tattooed man with a fresh brand spankin' new baby.  PERFECT!


Now for this week's

Holy cow!  Picking a winner is HARD.  All the pictures were so great.  Thank you!  These two pictures (representing the Rule of Thirds) will go on to the final week where I will choose my two favorite over-all entries and then they will each receive one of my leather cuffs...yay!!

This picture wows me!  There's so much going on.  I love how your eye goes right to the musician.  The whir of passerby's is an example of what??  Shutter speed!  And he's sitting just perfectly off center to demonstrate Rule of Thirds...awesome:)  Thank you Ky.

I loved this photo because the little girl just pops.  She is obviously the focus of the picture and holding her daddy's hand is just precious.  Great example of the Rule of Thirds.  If the shot would have been centered it wouldn't have been nearly as interesting.


Farmgirl Paints

Now it's your turn.  Grab my button and your camera and show me what you can find that demonstrates photography lines and/or contrast.  You can link up at any point this week.  So get crackin':)  I'll pick my two favorite and showcase them next Tuesday.  Can't wait to see what you come up with:)

Have a blessed day.

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