Thursday, December 16, 2010

Privet and Holly at home

If you are anything like me you love to look inside people's homes.  It's a chance to really see who they are.  What does the house say about them etc...  Well when I got the chance to peek inside my fellow blogging sister Suzanne's house I jumped at the chance.  You might know her as Privet and Holly and also my future camera class buddy.  She very rarely puts pictures of her house on her blog.  So pay attention girls.  This is a treat:)

Her style is tasteful elegance.  I just came up with that.  It's funny because that's how I would describe her too.  She's tall and thin...holds herself like a dancer.  She's just a classy gal, beautiful...inside and out.  Every time I've seen her she has sent me on my way with something...usually food.  Can't decide if she's really generous or just trying to make me fat...HA!

She has fun little touches all over her house.  Loved the venetian plaster on her walls and the dark wood floors.

They have an actual library with a ladder.  Somehow that just fits her.  I could spend all day in there.

She has collections scattered here and there all over her house.  I like when people do that.

Her soothing bedroom and spare room.  So pretty!

This is her daughter Elizabeth's room.  She's a very talented artist.  I could tell that just by looking at her stuff.  I love all the little goodies...the meaningful things in her life.  It's organized chaos.

This beautiful piece was bought from the previous owner's and is in her daughter's room.  I was drooling....absolutely gorgeous.

Suzanne may have charmed me with her coconut cake and sweet disposition, but her dog Gracie had me at hello.  This sweet little creature could have come home in my handbag.

Thanks girlie for letting me take pictures of everything.  You rock! 

If you haven't visited her already go over and say hi.  Tell her a certain Farmgirl sent ya:)

Have a blessed day.

Oh and girls thank you so much for all the comment love about my hair.  You sure do know how to make someone feel bea-u-ti-ful!!  It's official...I LOVE THEM...and you:)  And rest assured I WILL be making cuffs.  I just wanted to see if it was something that would go over well before I invested in the supplies.  I'm thinking January.  Yay...something to look forward to:)

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