Friday, December 17, 2010

full and overflowing

Every morning as I lay all snug in my bed, tucked in like a little sausage, my honey gives me a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek before he leaves for work.  I mutter something about being safe and have a great day and drift off back to sleep for a few minutes.  For some reason though when I woke up this morning...God gave me a special gift.  He does that sometimes.  He opens our eyes to how blessed we are.  The realization seeps in and joy fills our hearts.  Well today is my present and the feelings are overwhelming.  My coffee tasted better, my sweet little girls didn't annoy me with their early morning chatter, the dirty dishes in the sink made me thankful for dishes to eat off of...counting my blessings seemed to just be right there in the forefront of my mind.  Here's to wishing you a day full of noticed blessings.  May we not miss a single opportunity to thank Him for every single thing.

Have a blessed weekend friends.

Not sure where I got this pictures...sorry
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