Saturday, December 4, 2010

marching on

Going home sometimes comes with an added layer of stress.  We've had some changes to the family in the past few years.  Honey's dad passed and now we have a new step dad....step brothers:)  And many of you who follow along know this loss has been extremely difficult for all of any loss is really. 

Sometimes we have life mapped out for us in our minds.  You know you just think things will stay on course.  You never imagine a complete detour.  And as painful as the upset in your plan can be it's almost a surprise when the crashing waves finally become slight ripples. 

The healing process is amazing.  Just when you think it will never get any better...the pain lessens and time marches on.  Thank God that He comforts and holds us and lets us grieve and heal.

I am so grateful to say that this visit, back to his childhood home, and with his new family was a complete success.  There were fewer tears.  There were no shock waves.  We missed his dad...we missed hearing him pray at dinner and having him make us laugh.  He was a complete goof ball.  We talked about him a little and then moved on

Making new memories...being thankful for the present and all that God has done for it should be:)

Have a blessed day.

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