Thursday, December 2, 2010

Groundhog day

Every single time I go home I meet up with my girls.  These women get me...I mean really get me.  We laugh and then laugh some more.  We eat and then eat some more and it's just a fun day.  There isn't any weird competition or fake going on.  We know it ALL and still choose to love one another.  Isn't that the best thing evah??

It dawned on me though that we always do the same thing when see each other.  Lori picks me up, we drive to Mary Lynn's house, pile in her car and drive 40 minutes to Springfield where we shop at the exact same stores, eat Chinese buffet for lunch (talking about completely raunchy inappropriate things;)), shop some more and take pictures on a mall bench, eat Mexican and head home. 

Yep that's us last year.  Same bench probably:)  It's like Groundhog Day!  Do you remember that movie with Bill Murray?  He keeps replaying the same day over and over and over...until he finally gets it right.  Well I would say we've mastered our day:)  It can't get much better than what we've come up with, but I'm wondering...

What if next time we shake it up a bit and go crazy?!  What if we went skydiving, rode a hot air balloon, ate sushi, or got a bikini wax...ha!  What about paint ball?  OH that sounds like fun.  Any other ideas??  Seriously we need to break out of our Groundhog day repeat cycle.  Did I mention I love these girls?  And I'm a dork.  I already know that...thank you very much:)

Have a blessed day.

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