Sunday, November 14, 2010

SNOW & Shutterfly's special offer

Hi girlies hope you're having a great weekend so far.  We got SNOW! Lots and lots of snow:)  And it's really inspired me to get going on all things Christmas.

(Sorry about picture quality...Picnik wasn't working all weekend for me.  Anyone else??)

Which is kind of out of the norm for me, but since we are going to be really busy Thanksgiving we got a jump start and got our stuff out now.  Yeah you heard me right...we got ALL our Christmas stuff out now.  Bring it:)  I'm trying to embrace winter...remember!!

I'm thinking it was a good plan that we got our Christmas card pic LAST weekend.  This was the same spot last night.  No one's going tromping through that!

Anyway thank you so much for helping me decide on a pose for our card this year.  It was between the sunflare one or the laughing cow and I of course chose the laughing cow.  Big Chick looked a little spacey in the other one and I thought our expressions were all natural in the cow pic.  And I just adored that cow...we bonded:)

So now I need to order the cards and I usually go with Kodak,  but I've seen all over blogland Shutterfly's special offer for bloggers.  If you link to them and write a little somethin' somethin' they give you 50 FREE cards.  You know I was all over that.  So here are my favorites so far...

This one is called Hip Hop Berry Christmas.  I like it because the picture is the focus and it says peace.  Peace is good:)

This one is super cute too.  It's called Holly Frame Christmas.  I really like it because it's says Merry Christmas.  I know this sounds goofy, but 90% of them say Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings and I'm just partial to good old Merry Christmas:)

This one is Oh What Fun.  Love all the COLOR of course!  And it says Merry Christmas...yay:)  So there you have it my top 3 picks.  Which one do you love??  Now go sign up, blog about it and get some free stuff!!  It's officially time.

Have a blessed day.

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