Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The "peeps" project

Okay girls remember that extra Mirror Mate frame that was slightly warped and they let us keep?  Well I found a perfect spot for it in our basement playroom.  We had a big space that was just begging for some color and personality. I found all these different letters at an antique store...kind of makes it fun and playful.

I took the plain white frame and painted it brown and then kind of whitewashed it with turquoise.  I stapled chicken wire to the back and voila...instant photo gallery:)

Tiny little clothes pins attach all our favorite photos and provide a constant reminder of how richly blessed we are...surrounded with our special people, our peeps. 

Little Chick came up to me on one of my groggy grumpy mornings and handed me this piece of paper.  She can barely spell at all and somehow she was able to write this note to me.  Hmmmm wonder if God was trying to get my attention:)

Have a blessed day.

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