Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just the right spot

This weekend we hauled ourselves down a steep incline, tromped through knee deep weeds, soft mushy earth and prickly thorns to just the right I've been eyeing for years.  I love cows and there is a gorgeous pasture that I pass everyday that speaks to me.  Oh those greens hills and sweet black and whites.  I was praying all morning that they would be there...and they were!!!  As soon as they saw us coming they lifted their heads and sashayed their way right over to where we were.

We used a tripod.  Can I just say that it was not easy to get the thing level on a pile of weeds, and not fall over as soon as I ran off with the timer flashing.  It's kind of hard to have a relaxed smiling face when you're stressed out and the wind is whipping hair in your face.

Thank you sun for deciding to pop out just for a minute.

It was so cute.  Wonder what they were thinking??  It's like they are crowding in...trying to push their way into the shot:)  I love how cows just stare at you.  Cracks me up.

Is he laughing at us?  Or maybe he just had something to add:)

I think little chick thought they were going to "get" us! 

I liked this one except for the stupid weed in front of little chick's face...bummer!

Thank you sweet cows for coming to see us.  I know we made your day too:)

Have you got your Christmas card picture yet? 
Oh and help me out...which one do you think should be ours??

Have a blessed day.

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