Friday, November 5, 2010

Checks and Balances

A few weeks ago I changed my comments to go through moderation and I've had a few of you ask me why.  It wasn't because of anything mean or nasty that someone wrote or spam...thank heavens.  It was quite the opposite actually. 

It was becoming painfully aware to me that I am a comment junkie.  I have a Crackberry...oh I mean Blackberry...HA!  I was catching myself checking my phone every 5 seconds.  That little blinking red light was my fix.  Holy COW!  How does that happen??  Anyway I thought if I sent them to comment moderation it would help me not check in so often.  You know get things done...prioritize my life a little...not be a psycho obsessive person.  It's helped a bit, but the withdrawal from checking my phone is horrible.  I'm not kidding, it is a REAL addiction.  Those little smart phones are evil.  I love mine, but it's EVIL!! 

When I started this blog almost two years ago (I can't even believe it's been that long)  it was my winter blues distraction and my dream was that it would allow me to sell my art someday.  Well all those things have come true, but it also became so much more for me. 

I learned that I loved to write.  I absolutely LOVE sharing my thoughts and expressing my feelings.  And the cool bonus of all that is somewhere along the line a whole bunch of you jumped on board with me and have become real true friends.  You share my dreams, you understand how I feel and you tell me in the sweetest comments and letters.  I want you to know I hold all of them dear.  I really mean that.  In fact because I'm a tad bit sentimental...up until a few weeks ago I saved every. single. one.  I have a folder that I keep them in...just in case Blogger ever tanks and my blog is wiped out or something.  So anyway my point is (and I think I do have one;) that with all things there has to be a healthy balance.  And for me moderating comments has helped a bit. 

I'm curious do you have any tricks or helpful advice to keep things in balance for you?

Have a blessed day.

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