Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's OUR pond!

Our friend's Steve and Michelle called us up spur of the moment on Saturday with extra tickets to the Minnesota Wild hockey game.  Going to a hockey game happened to be on my bucket list.  You know the things you want to do before you die list:)  Something just told me I'd love hockey, so I was on board 100% and did I mention it was FREE!  Score!!!!  We were SO there;)

We stopped for dinner at McGovern's first and I of course had to get the hot turkey plate.  I love comfort food.  But when it came out in this glob of a kind of took my appetite away. I guess I'm more of a visual eater than I thought;) 

Anyway after the meal...this is how I FELT...HA!  There were so many people dressed up for Halloween.  It was crazy fun.  I have always wanted to own a pair of sumo wrestler suits.  Wouldn't it be a hoot whenever you and your honey are having a spat to get dressed up and just pummel each other?  I think it's the perfect marriage therapy session:)

{Steve and Michelle}


We weren't really expecting to fall in love with Hockey to the extent that we did.  It was like one giant party.  There was head bangin' music.  People standing up dancing.  They kept showing movie clips that got you all excited.  The players were absolutely amazing.  It's seemed impossible to score.  The goalies were unbelievable.  We were sitting on the edge of our seats mesmerized by the back and forth motion of the puck...the swishing sound of the skates on ice...the bashing of man into plexiglass.  IT WAS CRAZY AWESOME!!!

Unfortunately we were surrounded by the enemy.  The Wild was playing the Chicago Black Hawks and apparently there is quite a fan base here OR the crazies drove all the way from Chicago.  Regardless it was tense at times with the emotions of cheering fans from opposing sides all sitting elbow to elbow. 

There was a moment in the game when we scored.  A loud horn blew and we were all on our feet stomping and cheering.  It was a spiritual moment for me.  I know this sounds weird, but I had soaring feelings of pride...there was a parallel to how it will feel to defeat OUR enemy...satan.  When truth and justice will prevail for all time...standing in triumph, heart swelling with pride, horns blaring...  It was powerful!

We have finally found something here that we LOVE.  A sport we can both get into.  I can see us now with our matching jerseys and flags a wavin'!!  Wish a money tree would grow in the back yard so we could take the girls and go often.  For now it's going to have to be a once in a while special splurge.  So worth it I think:)

Have a blessed day.

Oh and thank you for all the love regarding my Etsy store.  You girls sure know how to make me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Thanks to you it was a wonderful success. 

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