Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One giant mess

Good morning friends.  I have been down and dirty this week...literally:)  I've been in my pajamas all day long, all week long.  My fingers are stuck together with glue and I have paint under my nails.

Why is the creative process so chaotic??  I seriously can't even think straight for the complete and utter mess in my work area.

I've been working a lot with words.  I love words.  I want my art to mean say something.  So this week I'm the word girl.  And I really believe that the Lord has told me to create some specific things....for someone out there;)

So that's where I'm the middle of one giant mess...trying to stay focused and be true to who I am. 

Love this quote by Birgit O'Connor:
"Making art is about finding the true self - not who everyone has told you that you are, but the person you are truly."

Oh and speaking of mess, my Honey was driving home last night from work and a giant piece of asphalt fell from a building and hit his new car.  Is that weird or what?  It put a really bad dent in the trunk and scratched it all up.  So glad he was okay, but his mood about it was NOT pretty.  Let's just say God sometimes has an interesting way of getting our attention. 

Have a blessed day.

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