Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poetry people

Thank you so much for all the sweet words regarding my "empty nest".  I'm doing great.  Yesterday morning was rough.  I knew it would be.  I came in the house and had a really good HARD cry and then just gave it all to God.  I felt soooo drained after that and probably would have went right back to bed, but within minutes of my meltdown my phone rang and a sweet friend picked me up and basically dragged my rear to the gym.  Just what I needed.  Oh and Little Chick was so cute.  She wasn't sad in the least.  She was bouncing off the walls, ran on to that bus and I don't think ever looked back.  It was time:)

"tent of safety"

in the inky blackness of night
a white flash becomes a sudden strobe light

low rumblings in the distance
my eyes flicker...waiting

the crack widens
quietly she comes

my eyes focus...don't dare move
trying to decide what to do

the working man growls
her shoulders sink

my heart melts
no time to think

decision is made
up goes the blanket...the tent of safety

at once she's there warm and grateful
my arms enfold her little frame
safe at last...sleep becomes her

images form...words come and go
sleep escapes me

i am the same
vulnerable and new

my mind bounces
it turns to You

i need Your covering
cocooned in Your presence
wrapped only in Your...tent of safety

Years ago Honey and I took a poetry class in junior college.  We would huddle together and count how many times our teacher Mr. Erlanson would say "um".  The class was full of interesting characters.  They all seemed to have dreadlocks, big flowy pants and piercings.  We named them the "poetry people".  Even now when we are at a restaurant, or wherever we see one...we just knowingly look at each other and whisper poetry people.  It's our code word for the artsy...the creative.  Well I don't have any quirky piercings or expressive hippie outfits.  My hair is pretty normal, but on the inside my heart's cry is to be express myself.  I recently discovered an amazing writer named Emily and she planted a seed within me, gave me a challenge.  So every now and then I'm going to write different than I talk and see what happens:)  If you want to join me...

Have a blessed day.

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