Friday, September 10, 2010

One on one

I've been noticing some changes in my Big Chick.  She longs for one on one time.  We tend to do everything as a family and that's good, but to spend some quality time with the girls on their own...I think that's really important.

So we made a date night.  She picked the place, and it just happened to be our favorite old haunt.

I took her shopping for some back to school clothes.  She danced in front of the mirror and I felt like I was a kid all over again.  She laughed with me and we whispered about the changes in her body.  How is it that I'm old enough to have a daughter that's developing??  I'm trying not to freak, but it's FREAKING ME OUT!

She's still cool with used clothing and doesn't care about brands yet.  Oh thank you Lord.  I hope that never changes!  Have you heard of Plato's closet?  It's a consignment shop that has all kinds of teeny bopper clothing...the good stuff though.  They are picky and it's just a great way to save money.  Gotta love that.

She's grateful and holds my hand and thanks me.  It almost hurts how much I love her...this growing blossoming daughter of mine.  Yep I think one on one time is good.  I'll be penciling this in often:)

Have a blessed day.

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