Monday, September 13, 2010

Coloring outside the lines

It was Saturday morning...Labor day weekend.  Honey and I are just sitting around the kitchen table trying to think of something fun to do.  Most weekends are the same.  We do chores, run some errands, go to church, workout, blog etc...  We tend to stick to ourselves.  It's simple and comfortable.  There is an ease with being "off".  Does that make sense?   

But instead of doing the norm...we decided to "try on" spontaneous and declared a road trip to uncharted territory.  We quickly changed out of our jammies, threw some stuff in a suitcase, grabbed Fergie and away we went. We've lived by the Twin Cities for 6 years and have never explored Northern Minnesota.  So within a 1/2 hour we were driving...UP NORTH!

We listened to Out of the Grey most of the way.  Love them.  Husband and Wife Contemporary Christian group.  They haven't had anything new in forever.  Miss them!

I have a thing for old churches.  It's on my "to-do" list to paint one.  This one fit the bill.  Isn't it lovely:)

Neighbors catching up. 

No wonder every one goes UP NORTH here.  It was really beautiful.  Lots of pine trees.  Lakes everywhere of course.  A gorgeous drive.

After about 3 hours we finally reached our destination...Duluth.  It sits right on Lake Superior.  Did you know that?  Honey made so much fun of me.  He thought I had it all wrong.  I was right of course.  It IS Lake Superior.  Had to give him grief for that;)

As the girls colored their menus at the famous Grandma's restaurant, we proceeded to go through a list of hotels.  One after another told us they were full and that there were no more rooms anywhere.  Not to be detoured we proceeded to call and call until the very last one we came to said someone had just checked out.  It was 8:00 at night.  Talk about God taking care of us!!  He does that.  It always works out.

We had to burn an hour, so we walked along the water and took in the city at night.  It was really beautiful.

Grateful for a place to sleep.  Grateful to be together.

Not sure what these people are doing.  This place is called the Crib.  Apparently it used to be something, not sure what...and was abandoned.  People were changing their clothes inside.  Strange. 

We found it to be a wee bit chilly.  Our first taste of cool.  Ummm not sure if we're ready for this yet!

Best praline pecan ice cream evah!  I felt like I had just eaten an entire box of butter with pecans thrown in for good measure.  That can't be good.  Isn't that just the thing to do when your freezing?:)

Little Chick with her eyes closed of course!

Our park bench was right on this grassy area with all the seagulls diving and swooping.  Little boys were chasing them like maniacs, throwing bread on the ground and then not letting them land.  Felt a little sorry for the seagulls...and kind of wanted to drop kick some ornery boys!  Shhhh...shame on me;)

Honey summed up Duluth as "old and cold".  Not sure if that's a nice description or not, but he's right it was definitely old and cold.  Loved all the old buildings.  All the years of wear and tear just make them more beautiful.  I think quaint and invigorating might be a better description:)

I'm proud of us for going somewhere new, trying something different...being spontaneous.  Adding to our crayon-like box of experiences together.  This has definitely been THE year for that. 

Have a blessed day.

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