Tuesday, August 10, 2010

weighted concern

Not even sure where to start with this post.  I'm extremely disturbed inside.  My blood pressure is up.  I feel a little like crying.  Honey and I just had to have a long conversation with our Little Chick.  This evening she walked out of the bathroom bawling.  Through her down pour of tears she spit out that...she didn't lose three pounds.  WHAT??  I ran over to her and tried to get her to calm down.  Tell me again what you just said??  Again sobbing hysterically...I didn't lose three pounds.  She's 6 years old.  Why in the world...where in the world...WHAT IN THE WORLD???  She apparently took her clothes off in our bathroom and weighed herself!  At this point we are both mortified.  Visions of teenagers with serious eating disorders are running through our minds.  We both feel like somehow we've failed.

So we calmly explained to her how perfect she is, that she doesn't need to worry about her weight at all.  That she is actually growing and needs to gain weight to someday be big and tall like her momma.  We stressed how we watch what we eat and exercise only to be healthy.  Of course the whole time I'm telling her this I'm thinking is this my fault?  Has she heard her dad and I talking too much about our "eat clean" lifestyle?? We've let her watch The Biggest Loser and Losing it with Jillian.  Have those shows brain washed her little mind??

Needless to say we've hidden the scale and decided not to allow any more Biggest Loser.  Our conversations and discussions will definitely be more guarded.  I read on a medical website that you shouldn't make your child clean their plate.  The parents decide the menu and the child decides the portion size.  She's always been a fussy eater and we've been known to make her sit there and clean her plate.  Eating issues are about control.  She's not underweight and up until now we didn't know she ever thought about any of that.

I know she's fine, but it's a scary wake up call.  The last thing I want is for my girls to ever think they are less than.  At church this week I saw this quote and it made me think.  It said... if you don't pray for your children who will?  It moved me then and it really moves me now.  I need to be more diligent in praying over their hearts and minds.  They are so easily influenced and I am not the only one doing the influencing.   Just had to share.

Thanks for listening.

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