Thursday, August 12, 2010

rainy day

It's 9:30 in the morning.  The kids are crafting in the kitchen.  Kari Jobe's sweet voice is carrying over the radio...candles are lit. 

Island Margarita fragrance is filling the air. 

The house is pitch dark...rain is pounding on the windows.  The gutters are spilling over.  It's the perfect cozy rainy day.  We don't get very many of these.  I love hearing the low rumbling in the distance.  The soft sounds of God watering the earth...  It's been so hot and dry.

 Fill us up Lord.  Replenish.  I'm paying attention.  I'm soaking it all in.

**My sweet friends I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me this week.  You made me feel beautiful about my hair and you offered up the kindest words regarding the weighing fiasco.  I have the best readers in the world!  There could have been some harsh or critical comments...words that would have made us feel judged, but you spoke out in kindness, compassion and with prayer.  Thank you so much.  I just really love and appreciate each one of you.  When I told my mom about what happened she was so sweet.  She said that God was good to reveal that seed in Little Chick's heart... so it wouldn't become a weed.  He does that...He helps us that way.  I know everything will be just fine.

Have a blessed day.

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