Thursday, August 5, 2010

Special delivery

My niece Annette called me this weekend and asked if she could come for a visit.  After the initial "oh no...I have to make everything perfect" feeling passed I was thrilled and excited and just a little too eager to get my hands on her new baby!

She brought her other daughter Ally with and the girls had so much fun playing.

My niece has never really felt like a niece to me.  She's only six years younger, so we kind of grew up together.  More friends than anything:)  I can't believe she has three kids now!

This precious little bundle is her new pride and joy...Alyssa.  Can I just tell ya that she's yummy.

She's soft and pink and smells so good.

She makes the sweetest faces.  I actually felt something release in me when I held her.  It was surreal.  Just feeling the weight of her in my hold a brand new life.  It's priceless.  It had been sooooo long.  I think as women we are wired to need a baby fix every now and then.  Even though I'm way past the point of having any more there is that part of me that needs to be near one occasionally:)  It feeds my soul.

Annette is a natural at motherhood.  When she asked her 5 year old to do something she said please and was so patient and kind.  When the baby cried (and she didn't very often) she remained calm and unflustered.  I loved watching her mother.


The last time I saw Annette my mom and I were sitting in her living room and she was pouring out her heart.  She told us she'd just had a miscarriage and her heart was broken.  I could see the pain, dissappointment and frustration there.  She wanted another baby so badly.  Before we left we all held hands and prayed.  We asked God to have His perfect way and to bless their family.

As I look at this newborn...I just marvel again at how God is He is able to restore and provide for us.  It doesn't always work out that we get what we want.  Sometimes our dreams are never fully realized, but when it does happen it deserves a big THANK YOU.  A bold praise you Lord.  What an absolute blessing.  We won't ever take her for granted!! 

Have a blessed day.

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