Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lissa's comin'!!!

See the crazy girl behind the street musician??:)  That's my Lissa.  She's my Brave Girl friend, my telephone blogging sista!  I can't believe that I'm on my way this morning to pick her up at the airport!!!  Her and her two daughters are coming to stay with us for four WHOLE days:)  I've looked forward to it all summer and it's finally here...YIPPEE!! 

I can't wait to take her to all my favorite places.  She's never been to the Midwest.  She wants to see the Mississippi, hear locusts and catch fireflies.  Not sure about any of that, but we'll have a ball for sure.  I can't wait to eat, laugh and talk just a little too much:)  Pray for sunshine!  See you in a few days.

Have a blessed day.

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