Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holiday hail

Woke up to a beautiful 4th of July morning.

The real reason for driving all that way.  Honey's family all live in Colorado Springs now.  His mom recently put her home on the market back in Illinois and relocated with her new husband.  So now we can see them all at once:)

Honey's sis Julie.

Mom and Jim

Fergie getting acclimated to Dottie. 

We watched a lot of baseball while we were there.  The Colorado Rockies (their team) were playing the St. Louis Cardinals (our team).  I HATE baseball.  Sorry baseball lovers, I just find it incredibly boring.  Anyway the Cards got annihilated, so that made it even worse.

My sweet niece Brittany.  We have a lot in common.  She is very creative and takes pics of everything.  Fancy that...I do too:)  See her cute little car she's standing by?  Pay attention to how cute it is.

This is Brandon.  He's 13!  Holy cow...I'm a munchkin:)  He's 6'1".  It blows my mind that we could have kids this old.  Brittany is 16.  We got married just a few months after his sister.  We could have teenagers...yikes!!!

After dinner we HAD to go on a walk.  If I did nothing but walk around while there I'd be completely happy.

It's so pretty seeing the mountains in the distance.  You could take a thousand walks and never walk the same path twice.  It's just fun. Kicks my butt on the first few days though.  Climbing stairs...standing up from a chair, you know basically anything makes you winded and dizzy.  I guess you get used to it.  Little Chick had nosebleeds. 

After our walk we decided to make an ice cream run.  It turned ugly.  We had horrible hail.  I guess that's not uncommon in that elevation.  It was pretty scary though.  Huge hail hitting the roof, hood and windshield of the car.  It was soooo loud!

Remember Brittany's cute little car??  Still can't believe the hail cracked her windshield.  The whole car was dented up.  Made for a memorable 4th of July though. 

Have a blessed day.

***I want to say a big BIG THANK YOU to super uber talented LeAnna for helping me redo my blog.  I've wanted big giant sized pictures forever and with her help I finally have them.  YAY!!!!!
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