Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mount Rushmore & Wyoming

Our first glimpse of Mount Rushmore.  I spotted it first.  Do you play that game??

Have to say it was cooler than I thought.  We were there on the Fourth of July weekend, which made it all the more special.  Love this classic shot of the fam:)  The sun was of course in our eyes.  Our system of keeping our eyes closed until the last second and then opening them and smiling...just fell short!

We actually had to ask someone in the bookstore who president #2 was.  Is that bad?? 

We were just passing through.  Lots of miles to cover in day number two, so our time was short.  They sure have made the area nice though.  Monuments for each state, a audio-guided tour, bookstore etc...very nice indeed.  It would be the perfect place to camp.  The landscape was just gorgeous.  Maybe next time.

Our glimpse of Crazy Horse as we sped by!

Next stop Wyoming.  Rustic, beautiful...wide open spaces.  Lots and lots of sky:)

Don't mind the bugs splattered on the windshield;)  Just a beautiful spontaneous thunderstorm.  I tried so hard to get the flashes of lightning.  Just wasn't going to happen.

Honey kinda...sorta losin' his mind:)  That's what too many hours in the car will do to a person.

Did you know I'm the queen of self photography??  If you've been reading along for any length of time you know I add lots of pics of myself.  I really dislike having someone else take my picture.  I don't know how to pose, I giggle and make silly faces... I feel totally self conscious.  BUT put the camera in my hand and instant ease:)  Uh-oh I think that means I'm a control freak...yikes!

Next stop is our actual destination...finally!!!

Have a blessed day.

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