Thursday, June 3, 2010

You complete me:)

As I read through my comments from my last post I seriously had the words, "you complete me" run through my mind. I love it when I put something out there and your comments complete or add so much to my own thoughts. You girls rock! I'm so grateful for all of you. You lift me up, share my burdens and understand my frustrations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

inevitable happened though. Satan didn't like me getting angry and speaking out about sin etc... So yesterday was filled with lots of annoyances. For instance while putting in a pony tail for my little chick the band snapped and hit me in the eyeball...OUCH!

when I was changing the laundry I noticed something red and sticky all over the white clothes and inside the dryer. And while emptying the dishwasher I broke a glass etc...UGH!!! I knew it was an attack. He doesn't like it when we get fed up, speak truth or bring light to the darkness.

Some of you understood my anxiety regarding forever and heaven. My mom knowing I've always worried a little about that sent me a poem recently. She used to have the same fears as a young woman and came across this years ago... Thought you might like to read it too:)

Eternity Will Be Today

I stood with God on the edge of the world,
and my hand was in His hand,
I looked down the road of the past, as it stretched away in the dim distance, till it was shrouded in the mists of time,
and I knew it had no BEGINNING, and a little chill wind of fear blew about my head.

God asked, "Are you afraid?" And I said, "yes, because I cannot understand how there can be no BEGINNING."

And God said, "Let us turn and face the other way." And I looked into GLORY, and my heart rejoiced with joy unspeakable.

And then my mind went AHEAD a billion, billion years, and I knew there would be no END, and again that little chill wind of fear began to blow.

And God asked me again, "Are you afraid?" And I answered, "A little, because I cannot understand how there can be no END."

So God asked me tenderly, "Are you afraid now, today, with your hand in MINE?"

And I looked up at Him and smiled, and replied, "O, my Father, No!"

And God said, "Every day in ETERNITY WILL

Have a blessed day.

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