Friday, June 4, 2010

South Beach...the good, bad & ugly

We only got a car for one day when we were down in Miami. It just didn't make sense to get one before that. Honey was workin'. Ya know bringin' home the bacon, and I was busy layin' by the pool:) So anyway...we had a lot to see in one day. South beach was a must.

I'd never seen such a wide beach. The stretch we were on didn't have any hotels on it, so the beach was massive.

I'd also never seen so many people. We were there on a Friday. It was crazy busy. I can't imagine what it's like during Spring break.

It was interesting seeing all the shapes...

and sizes!

We saw a LOT of skin. Several women were laying out topless. It was shocking! You know you're just walking along and BAM...all their stuff is just out there:o Definitely not used to seeing that. No one seemed to think it was any big deal. I whipped out my camera...cause that's how I roll. But obviously I can't put it out there in blogland. Who knows the weirdos that would start flocking to my blog!

We also saw a lot of interesting fashion statements. I think these were fresh tats. Why else would they have their pants pulled down that low. Of course I had to get a picture;)

Then of course the new rage in shoe wear. Please tell me you don't have a pair of these. They are NOT attractive. Honey saw them on a woman and thought she was walking barefoot with weights on her ankles. Does that sound attractive??

This mannequin totally cracked me up. This is who they are selling to in South Beach. Definitely not my body type... I can tell ya that!

I found myself singing..."pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground.":) Remember the American Idol guy who made up that song? He would have liked this guy. It would have given him a reason to sing it...he would need to replace pants with shorts, but you get the drift. Makes you want to scratch your head! I'm imagining me with my grandma undies on and my shorts pulled down low like that...ha! Okay now I'm just crackin' myself up!!!

Now the glamour! Okay first of all it was HOT. Can you imagine wearing really high heels like that in the heat?? My feet were swollen in my flipflops. I would have been miserable in real shoes!

Have you ever seen legs so long?? They just don't grow them like that in Minnesota:) WOWZA! A secret dream of mine is to have long lean legs. Just NOT gonna happen. I have Mary Lou Retton legs...great for if I ever need to do an impromptu gymnastic routine;)

Oh and then lastly this gentleman in his pink get up:o I had forgotten that South Beach is a predominantly gay community. Remember the movie Bird Cage with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane? Well that was filmed right here.

we went Honey got hit know flirted with! It kind of became a running joke for me to tease him;) Our male servers would come to the table...look him up and down (ignore me entirely) and then ask him repeatedly if everything was alright and if he needed anything else. Uh-hmmm I'm here too!! Can't help that my Honey is HOT, but really...I'm kinda cute too;) It was a new experience for us.

few of you told us to visit Lincoln Road. My favorite store was this awesome nut shoppe. I whipped out my camera of course, and took tons of pictures until a guy put his hand up and told me to stop. What??? I can't take a picture of some nuts. What's wrong with that? Anyway these were taken just for you. Hope you appreciate the trouble I got into;)

main thing I wanted to do for the day was to visit Joe's Stone Crabs. I looked it up and it was voted the #1 restaurant in Miami, and then one of my good friends told me all about it. It was soooo good. We got there before it opened, so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. Which was a good thing because we were covered in sunscreen and sweat!

ordered the crab...because I LOVE CRAB!! I don't recall ever seeing one with fur on it though. How weird is that? Anyway they cracked it all for me. Which was a real treat. It usually takes me a very lonnnggg time to eat my meal at Red Lobster, so that alone was worth the trip:) Honey got crab cakes and some yummy chopped salad. His was actually better than mine. So good!

this was South Beach. Fancy mansions and colorful buildings...

yachts and lots of interesting people.

favorite part by far were the palm trees...oh and hanging out with my hot Honey. He's gonna kill me for saying that;)

Have a blessed day.

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