Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweet friends

This past weekend we watched our neighbor's kids. We started this routine a year or so ago. One month we watch their kiddos for 24 hours, and the next month they watch ours. It's a great system.

This month we broke out the Easy Bake oven and played cook. I think I've mentioned before pretend cooking is my girls favorite thing to do. Who knew how much work it was to get a tiny little cake baked:)

They had a ball. Even Jack was a good sport. I made them all put aprons on for show. They were sure to keep every step fair. So and so did one step and so forth.

I love those kids. Because we've spent so much time with them I really feel like they are part mine. I'm so grateful that my girls have that special bond with them. They've grown up together.

They've made really sweet memories. Isn't that what childhood is all about?? Oh and I had to breakdown and open a can of real icing. Easy Bake is not Duncan Hines. Of course they thought it was absolutely delicious:)

Oh and I'm getting ready to do a marathon elipitical machine routine. I just popped in the movie 27 dresses and I plan on exercising through the whole movie. Let's see today for lunch I ate nachos, pizza and some cheesy bread with friends. Then for dinner our family went out and I had red velvet cake for dessert. What in the world???

Have a blessed day.

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